HDD Horizontal Drilling Software for Trenchless Technology, Bore planning software, Compare the Planned versus the Drilled trajectory and make adjustment with the HDD Tool Face Drillers Tool Box , Horizontal Directional Drilling, Slant Rigs, River Crossings, Hydro Electric Water Courses, Boring Under City Streets for utilities, Tunneling, Drilling Under Airport Runways, General Civil Engineering. Directional drilling trajectory planning

Video typical River Crossing planning

HDD Horizontal Drilling Software HDD horizontal directional projects is a new innovated HDD Tool Face Plan. HDD Horizontal Bore planning Software compares the planned versus drilled trajectories. Complete with a Directional Drillers Tool Box covering tool face calculations. The software covers multiple trajectory plans. River Crossing, Hydro Power water courses, Tunneling, Mining and Civil Engineering, with a few inputs the software develops all the charting for Azimuth, Tangents, Turns and Bends and Dog Legs.(Bend Ratios)

HDD Horizontal Drilling Software
HDD Toolface Plan

The program requires Microsoft Office 2010 upwards, Windows 7,  all versions up to Windows 10 .

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HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Software provides a user-friendly trajectory design interface for the unique requirements for Trenchless Technology and HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling Planning ), industry.

HDD Drillers Toolbox

HDD Tool Face Directioanl Drillers Tool Box
Tool Face Calculations

The program includes a Drillers Toolbox, Directional drilling calculations, HDD Tool Face Plan provides a user-friendly trajectory design interface for the unique requirements of the  (Horizontal Directional Drilling), industry to plan drilling trajectories starting and ending at any inclination and with multiple Tangent and Curve (Bend) sections.  Applications for this program include civil engineering projects such as drilling under a river, road, airport runway, etc., to install utility shafts, drilling subway tunnels under cities, drilling hydro-electric water course tunnels, drilling mine shafts, etc.  HDD Plan provides for five (5) contiguous Tangent and/or BendTurn sections which suffices for most applications.

The Minimum Curvature Method is used to calculate 3 dimensional trajectories based upon X,Y,Z  displacements for each section.  The XYZ coordinates for this program equate to East-West (X), North-South (Y) and True Vertical Depth (Z).  The user can input the length of each section either by measured depth (MD) length or true vertical depth (TVD) length.  With Inclination and Azimuth inputs, the end point of each section is defined and the resulting trajectory is calculated with surveys generated at the User selected survey intervals up to 1000 surveys, on the Planned Survey sheet… read more