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Frequently asked questions for running HDD software

Welcome to the FAQ and Help page.FAQ and help files to get the most out of the programs. Here you will find the answers to various questions you may have, if you don’t find the answer here please use the contact us page and let us know how we can help.

The program starts then aborts at the opening splash image

This is usually caused be too much junk code in your registry. You need to use a registry cleaner to clear up all the obsolete code. Each time you copy , move or delete files this leaves obsolete snippets of code in the registry, after a while this clutter will cause crashes and programs to malfunction. You can Google for free or full version registry cleaners. Once your registry is cleaned up the program will run without any issues.
Make sure you have installed all the latest service packs
from Microsoft

I received the license key file but don’t have administrators Permission to install it when I try to open the folder it reports access denied

The reason is that you do not have full Administrators Rights to your file system thei will help
view the help video

How do I get the key file for my purchased program

Once you have downloaded and install the purchased program you need to run the program one time. the program will generate your unique computer ID. You must submit the ID to support@directionaldrillingsoftware.com they in turn will forward the activation key file to run the program.
Download this help file

How do I make a purchase from the store

Select Full Programs from the menu and checkout

I can’t run the trial program it reports expired

The trial versions of the programs are time limited. (30 days). If you have already downloaded and run the program the clock starts ticking, once the time limit is reached you cannot re-run the program. Your best option is to purchase the full version

How can I get remote support

We suggest you download TeamViewer from www.teamviewer.com install the program and sen your User ID and Password to support.
The password changes each time you open teamviewer so repeated access to your computer is secure. We use this secure system globally with our customers that need help
You can download the free copy from here

Running problems

It helps to have all the Windows and Office service packs up to date.
All Microsoft service packs

How do I get training videos or user manuals

in both the Free Trial Version and the Full versions of HDD plan you will find a link on the Help and About button. This is will allow you to download one of the following training videos
River Crossing
Hydro Water Course
You will find the downloaded files in your downloads folder

You can also click below to view the Youtube versions
River Crossing
Hydro Water course