HDD rig preventative maintenance

HDD Rig Preventative Maintenance

HDD Rig Maintenance
HDD Rig Maintenance

HDD Rig Preventative Maintenance, Scheduling Monthly, Weekly and Daily check lists, should consist of checklists that are simple and easy to follow with the added facility to flag any overdue maintenance, this should include, any ancillary equipment used in the boring operation. Your maintenance crew should never miss an equipment check. It is common knowledge that human error is a major cause of breakdowns due to not recognizing a problem before it actually stops working.

Did someone forgot to check an item of equipment?  I’m not saying deliberate but an Interruption during a simple check or hand over, someone missed something, or there was no proper handover between maintenance crews. These things can happen and yes this should be impossible but unfortunately it is not.

 Let’s face it the more complex HDD rigs become the more urgent need for proper preventative maintenance software. Stop any breakdowns before they happen.

Modern technology can flag a problem as a warning, but you cannot rely solely on technology to do it for you, Equipment still needs the human eye to scan the equipment and not only that, the experienced human ear can identify a problem.

OK you are going to say that’s all very well but with modern technology with temperature sensors, pressure sensors and vibration sensors red lights flashing on consoles things are easy to see when something has gone wrong. But the is the point the whole message it is Preventative Maintenance and not maintenance after the event.

HDD Rig Preventative Maintenance scheduling has got to be easy to set up and check lists should be easy to follow in plain simple terms so that even the novice helper can understand and follow the sequence of events and checks so that nothing is missed.

Over the years it has become obvious that clients in the HDD drilling and boring industry not only demand value for money from the contractors. But also require proof of continuous good machinery performance with minimum downtime due to mechanical or electrical failures.

By using an easy to use and efficient program, HD drilling and boring contractors will not only benefit from an operational point of view, it can also be historical proof that the contractor is determined to provide the client with the utmost in service and reliability

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