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Mining and Mineral Exploration based on Slant Rigs and mining for minerals and formation investigation searching for valued minerals, the initial slant well profile is the main trajectory. The program takes into consideration the minimum curvature and calculates Dog Leg Severity (DLS) over the full well bore. In addition, up to 4 Side Tracks (planned trajectories) can be added to the original Planned, (Mother Bore), slant trajectory. software to help planning exploration for Gold, silver presious metals rare earth and precious minerals,

Individual plot data can be selected for detailed review at the side of the charts. which include Vertical section view plus 4 side tracks, planned view and dogleg severity. Each individual plot can be removed or edited.
With MinEX you can analyse different plots to a single target to decide the best approach.

The Mining and Mineral Exploration program is designed for exploring planned geological targets. The data for each plot can be reviewed, edited or deleted individually making the program very versatile

We developed this software because

Mining and mineral exploration compared

One of our users was using the HDD program for exploratory drilling for gold seams, drilling a mother hole and saving the single trajectory then building a second trajectory for the next planned trajectory, saving each planned bore hole as a separate plan. Not the best software for the job. So we took the oil industry Well Plan program and converted it for mining and exploration work,

But remember that the difference between oilwell drilling and mining the referenced inclinations are different.

Drilling and mining industries

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