About Us

DirectionalDrillingSoftware.com (DDS), is the new sister company of Drillingsoftware.com (DSW), which has been developing and marketing oilfield software to the global drilling market since 1991. DirectionalDrillingSoftware.com is a small company composed of an experienced oilfield software programmer and petroleum engineer with a combined total of over 80 years of experience in the drilling industry. 

Due to the recent growth in the trenchless technology industry and increased requests to adapt our directional planning software to their unique requirements, we have developed our newest program, HDD Toolface Plan, which is available as a trial download from here

Applications for the HDD (Hydraulic Directional Drilling), program include trenchless slant rig drilling, river and road crossings, mining, hydro-power projects, or nearly any civil engineering project where a service tunnel or conduit is needed under existing structures. Unlike most software companies, we offer free a trial of all our programs so that you can evaluate it and try before you buy.